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Crackle Nail Polish

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Crackle Nail Polish is our latest released product. Free samples available for client’s evaluation purpose.

Water based & nontoxic Multiple combinations upon 100 plus colors Qualified & reasonable cost Small MOQ requested, stocks available OEM service for customized private label & package

3 simple steps to create own exclusive beautiful crackle nail a. Paint Base Coat It can be any of regular nail polish and will become the back color of the nail. b. Paint Crackle Coat After the base coat gets dry, simply paint our crackle coat, and the amazing random crackle will appear on the nail. Paint another layer before it gets dry if a stronger result is needed. c. Paint Top Coat It can be any of regular top coat according to personal demands after the crackle coat gets dry. *Free multiple combinations upon our 100 plus colors of Crackle Nail Polish, togehter with hundreds of different options from base coat and top coat, enjoy creating own exclusive nail.

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