How to apply Gradient Nail Polish

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How you can use this Gradient Nail Polish Set for your nail? It’s all up to you! a.) You may apply ANY of the colors in the pack as a normal lacquer. Half or completely apply to your nail as you like, we have to say still it’s a very nice and sparkle nail lacquer even when it’s used separated. b.) You may also apply any TWO colors in the pack to create a two tones gradient look on you nail. c.) Or you can appy all THREE colors in the pack to have a multi tones gradient look on the nail. RECOMMENDED. How to apply Gradient Nail Polish? No need to turn a Manicurist for help, no need to spent extra money in nail spa, it’s as easy as you apply other normal lacquer, it can be done by yourself at home. For example, if you want to have a three tones gradient look, you can simply apply the dark one at the tip, the semi one at the middle, and then the light one at the end of your nail. Or you can have the light one at the tip and the dark one at the end, there is really no restriction, you can create anything as you like. Of course a top coat is recommended at last to protect your creation and make it more sparkle. THAT’S DONE!


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